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The Las Vegas Chinatown, better known as “Chinatown Vegas” is a 3+ mile strip on and around Spring Mountain Road. Chinatown Las Vegas runs from Las Vegas Blvd to Rainbow Blvd.

Chinatown Vegas is constantly growing and to date has more than 20+ strip malls with 150+ restaurants, 6 Asian Supermarkets, dozens of Chinese and Asian Churches, more than 40-foot and massage spas and so much more.

There are also marijuana dispensaries, shooting ranges, various martial arts schools, a theater, and dozens of unique things that you can do in Chinatown that you can’t do anywhere else.

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Chinatown Vegas has gone from being an obscure neighborhood to one of the top foodie destinations "As for food, we have the best of any Chinatown in North America, and that includes Vancouver."

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